Who we are

A boutique experience

RELOCONSULT is a “boutique” relocation company whose small structure allows for highly personalized service. Our international network ensures that we have a global presence, but we pride ourselves on focusing on the individual, human side of the expatriation experience. We take the time to really get to know our clients and tailor our services to their specific needs. At RELOCONSULT everyone from the owner to the consultants have been expats themselves. We’ve been through the relocation process and personally understand its challenges.

The backstory

RELOCONSULT began back in 2008 when its founder, Fabienne MEIER, returned to Europe with her family and settled in the Hague after being expatriated in the US for several years. Living abroad was a time of personal growth for Fabienne and when she arrived in the Netherlands, she knew she wanted a change of career; the idea for RELOCONSULT was born.

Now and then

Today, RELOCONSULT and its team of consultants are not only present in the Hague, but in all major Dutch cities including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. We’ve become a significant player in the real estate and relocation business in the Netherlands and serve both corporate and private clients. We’ve helped expats from over 50 countries around the world settle successfully abroad. The RELOCONSULT team is multi-lingual and we work in English, French, German, Swiss-German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. Our professional expertise and international presence are reinforced by our membership in the international professional networks www.bienvenuerelo.com and www.eura-relocation.com.

Meet the team


Fabienne is the founder and owner of RELOCONSULT. Her own expat experiences in Texas and the Hague inspired Fabienne to launch RELOCONUSLT in 2008 when she and her family decided to settle long-term in the Netherlands.
In the beginning, Fabienne focused RELOCONSULT solely on relocation services. Later, in order to better meet her clients’ needs, she expanded to include real estate services as well. Today, after years of experience, Fabienne has acquired a deep understanding of the challenges that expats face and knows what it takes to make a relocation successful. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, Fabienne has helped clients from more than 50 countries find their perfect home and settle comfortably in the Netherlands. Fabienne now works with a hand-picked team of consultants to ensure personalized service for RELOCONSULT’S growing clientele. Even as her business grows, “quality before quantity,” remains the company motto.
Fabienne has both French and Swiss nationality and speaks English, French, German, Swiss-German, and Dutch. In her free time, she is a passionate classical music lover and recently began taking opera singing lessons at the age of 52! Fabienne also enjoys recharging her batteries with her family in the Swiss Alps at their holiday apartment in Ticino.


As the daughter of a diplomat, Marina grew up on different continents and thrived in the multicultural environments that she experienced. After obtaining her French Baccalaureate degree, she studied international business at university and then started her professional career with a position in marketing at L’Oréal. Marina went on to work for various multi-national companies gaining valuable expertise from successful marketing and project management roles.
After meeting her South African husband while working in Milan, Marina and her family lived in both Switzerland and South Africa before finally settling in The Netherlands in 2018.
In 202I, Marina seized the opportunity to combine her multicultural background with her professional skill set and joined the RELOCONSULT team. She worked first as relocation consultant, helping expats find comfortable rental homes and settle in smoothly. She soon began providing complete real estate services as well, for clients needing assistance buying/selling properties. Thanks to her impressive foreign language skills, Marina plays an important in role serving RELOCONSULT’S Spanish, French and Italian-speaking clientele as well as in developing these markets.
From a personal perspective, Marina can be described as a people person with an absolute passion for going the extra mile.


Isabelle was the first consultant to join the RELEOCONSULT team when the company began to expand in 2018. Born in France, Isabelle spent her childhood in the South of France, later moving to Paris to pursue a successful career in public relations for various international companies. She and her Dutch husband, who she had met when studying abroad in Rotterdam, decided to settle permanently in the Netherlands in 2007. Isabelle decided to capitalize on her personal experience as an expat and steer her career in a new direction with RELOCONSULT. Since then, Isabelle has built up an impressive relocation network in the Hague, Rotterdam and Leiden. Thanks to Isabelle’s expertise and dedication, professionals at all levels, from young starters to top executives, have found comfortable rental accommodation and settled successfully with their families in the Netherlands. Our clients absolutely love her French touch and warm welcoming smile. Isabelle will not only find the perfect accommodation for you but as a real epicurean, will share her best addresses and tips. Isabelle works in French, English and Dutch.


Astrid’s richly varied multicultural and professional background make her a valuable asset to the RELOCONSULT team. Astrid was born in Nice, France and grew up immersed in her family’s real estate business. She went on to study law, but eventually decided to follow her original passion: music, and in particular, opera. As an opera singer, Astrid’s successful career took her to Japan, Brussels, Rome, and Berlin. While living in Germany in 2018, Astrid founded a music school and also organized concerts and cultural events. Eventually settling in the Netherlands, she joined RELOCONSULT in 2023. Her experience as an expat and entrepreneur, combined with her background in law and real estate, mean that Astrid has a lot to offer her clients. She speaks French, English, German and Italian fluently, and is currently learning Dutch.

Highly sociable and focused on customer satisfaction, Astrid is delighted to assist her clients in all their endeavours : home search, language training, navigating the Dutch medical system, home staging/furnishing advice, and of course, finding the best music school for their children.